3’s Greenville – Golf and Grubhouse

3’s Greenville – Golf and Grubhouse

Course type: Public

Cost: $20


3’s is a whole new kind of golf destination built purely for FUN. Our completely walkable, illuminated Par 3 course is an ideal setting for a relaxed day or night out, with family or friends. The super laid-back atmosphere guarantees an intimidation-free experience for all skill levels (even newbies!). Come casual, keep your drink full, and listen to your favorite tunes as you play 12 holes on real grass or practice your putt on our “humps and bumps” course. 3’s is perfect for families, friends, date nights, group events – you name it. And best of all – you’ll finish playing in about 90 minutes, which means more time to hang at our newly renovated Grubhouse, where you can grab a juicy burger, an ice-cold drink, and stylish merchandise.

61 Villa Rd.
Greenville, SC 29615